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The Radiantly Rising Podcast

Jun 26, 2019

I am so excited to present my latest guest on The Radiantly Rising Podcast, Braden Adam Drake, who is "your gay best friend but an attorney who can also do your taxes."

Braden works with mostly creative entrepreneurs, who I agree with him is an underserved community and may need either 1:1 guidance without spending a fortune or may benefit from his online education platform which has courses and lots of free content.  
Braden did not hold back on his wealth of knowledge when it comes to getting legally in check with your business and covered topics such as:
*Why services like LegalZoom are NOT a good idea
*The six layers of business protection including:
    Forming a legal business entity
    Creating quality contracts
    Correctly paying your taxes
    Intellectual properties and trademarks
    Business insurance 
    Common sense
*The bad legal advice given in Facebook Groups
*Web terms of service and privacy policies.
You can find more out about Braden on his website at He is also on Instagram @bradenadamdrake
More about Jackie @ or on Instagram @jackie.wist.